Wrap-up of the intercultural event

The feedback on the most recent event was very positive and very constructive. Big praise goes to the two guest speakers Jonathan Irons and Niclas Bastian for their inputs. You can find pictures from the event in this article.

A few quotes from the feedback sheets:

I really liked moving to different tables to interact with different people.

I loved the interactive format in the warm coffeehouse atmosphere and the choice of topics for each table, it gave me new perspectives.

I liked the dynamics in general, very short talks in the beginning, giving us more time to discuss in different groups, well organized!

In terms of improvement suggestions, there were requests to start with a warm-up round, so the participants get to know each other better. And also some found that time went by too quickly. We will take these and other remarks into account for the upcoming events.

Many thanks for the open feedback and for awarding the event with an average of 4,5 out of 5 stars! It’s a big motivation boost to continue on our path!

4,5 stars

Here are the pictures of the table sheets:


And a few impressions of the evening:


And that leaves us to say big thanks for joining and sharing your knowledge with the other participants, following the OpenUNI motto:




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