The event calendar of 2019!

In 2018, OpenUni hosted five events. We received very positive feedback with an average of 4,5 of 5 stars. This gave us the confidence to increase the number of events in 2019. That means even more learnings for you!

So far, we have a preliminary plan for the topics and the timings. But as you know, we invite interesting speakers and their calendars can be quite full too, so we might have to make some changes in the course of the year.

Calendar 2

For the time being, we will share only the rough road map for 2019. We will be sending more information about each event in the weeks before it takes place. So this is what you can look forward to:

February: Inclusion
March: Networking
April: Work life balance
May: Stress management and self-organization
June: The path to opening your own business
June: Exchange generation 30 <-> generation 60+
July: Laughing and humor (outdoor event)
August: Creativity (outdoor event)
September: Women’s careers / maternity leave / returning to work
October: Changing jobs & interviews
November: Managing your personal finances cleverly
December: Story telling

Sounds like a year of many different learnings, no?

Trixi table

Come and experience how nice it is to gather learnings in this nice atmosphere. We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Do you want to receive our newsletter to be sure to know about the upcoming event? We send it roughly once per month, it includes interviews and articles that fit to the topic of the upcoming event. Sign up with a short mail to!

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