In a nutshell:

OpenUni is a community to learn about career topics and to network in a cozy coffeehouse atmosphere in Vienna, Austria. Our motto is:


Have a look at our video to get a feeling of what our events look like:

Special thanks to Dennis Schlaghuber for creating this amazing video. 


In more detail:

OpenUni knows that successful people never stop learning. Life-long learning is the key to career success.

But many companies save money on training budgets or have fixed plans of which training must be taken, irrespective of the personal interests or needs of indiviual employees. Many people go through years and years of their career without a single training.

So if you are lucky enough to get a training, look at universities or normal training institutions. They have very strict frameworks: mandatory attendance, high semester fees, knock-out exams, writing papers,… And you might end up in a room with one teacher and hundreds of listeners.


We at OpenUni don’t lay out all these stumbling blocks. We keep things simple. When you join an event, we only ask for a participation fee of € 20,- to cover our costs. We donate 10 % of this fee to a local charitable initiative.

We work with small groups of people (15-20 persons). We start with a short input from an expert and then we use clever discussion formats to let you dive deeper into the topic and exchange with others participants.


We are convinced that not only CEOs and university professors have interesting things to say. The discussion part gives you the chance to learn about more than only one opinion. Our motto is:


For now, our offer consists of monthly discussion evenings. We love bringing people together in a comfortable atmosphere to discuss. Away from the screens that define so much of our lives nowadays. Here are examples of the topics we covered so far:

  • 30 years old… what now?
  • Time management
  • Women’s careers
  • Defining my own brand
  • Intercultural management

Christoph Schopi new

In terms of location, we have received good feedback from the participants for Café Schopenhauer (Staudgasse 1, 18th district). In this charming coffeehouse atmosphere, we enable learnings which you could certainly not get in a neutral university lecture hall.

How about joining the next event? Have a look in the menu on “social media” to find out how to stay informed!