Social Media

We are active on several social media platforms. Each has a specific focus. So you can choose which aspect of OpenUni you want to follow:

This is where we describe our activities and team. You can find information about the events (outlooks and wrap-ups).

Newsletter Open-minded
Roughly 1x per month you can receive three articles that might be interesting to you directly into your inbox. Each issue includes insights (articles, interviews) on the topic of the upcoming event. Sign up now with a short mail to

LinkedIn – Philip Auinger
This is where the founder of OpenUni shares his thoughts on career topics. Every week has a different focus. Every Monday, Philip publishes a short video and the rest of the days he publishes posts on the same topic, for example: gratitude, humor or voice.

Social media new

Facebook page
This is where we organize our events and where we bring together people with similar backgrounds and interest who can then meet at the discussion evenings.

Instagram #myopenuni
Get a look behind the scenes of our events – how are they prepared, what do they look like, what do guests say. Also, you can find posts that can help you in your career: food for thought, advice, ideas.

We are happy if you are curious about our activities and follow us via your favorite channel. And we are even happier if you like, comment or share. If you feel like you have a benefit from following us, then feel free to thank us by making us more known on the market. We deeply appreciate it!